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Insite Check Imaging


Insite Check Imaging with CAR/LAR

Automated Systems provides maximum processing performance by adding Courtesy Amount Recognition, Legal Amount Recognition (CAR/LAR); intelligent character recognition technology, to recognize, interpret and analyze check data. CAR/LAR reduces the labor required to key amounts by reading the courtesy and legal amounts written on checks and automatically enters this information in the run file.

CAR/LAR is an important new tool to reduce data entry, streamline proof operations, and reduce costs. Countertop check scanners are playing an increasing role in use of CAR/LAR in branch capture applications due to the high quality images the scanners produce today.

Users can also take advantage of the recognition confidence option. The recognition confidence option allows users to display checks in which the confidence for a CAR/LAR result is within a certain range. This helps a controller display and review all check items with low confidence. For example, amounts that do not meet the confidence standard set by the bank will be flagged for verification.

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Our bank installed iTeller at the end of last year. Since then, we have received a lot of positive feedback from customers…When they show the receipt to other banks, they can’t believe that our bank has that kind of technology.
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